The guy who helped create a robotics accelerator at Qualcomm has joined Microsoft Ventures

Vu Anh Nguyen

Microsoft Ventures, the investment arm of the Redmond software giant, has just received a high-profile addition to their ranks: Nagraj Kashyap, a former member of Qualcomm Ventures. The information was relayed to Fortune before Kashyap confirmed it through a text message, reports the news outlet.

Before leaving Qualcomm for Microsoft, Nagraj Kashyap has had 12 years of experience at the chipmaker’s venture capital arm, with notable investments include Brain Corp., Magic Leap, Gaikai (later acquired by Sony) and more. Most interestingly, Kashyap also helped create an accelerator for robotics technology at Qualcomm. The experience should work well with Microsoft Ventures, whose track record also include global accelerator programs in addition to early stage technology. It is not clear what Kashyap’s new position in Microsoft will be; he was previously Senior Vice President and global head of Qualcomm Ventures.

The addition of Kashyap to Microsoft Ventures’ workforce may even have interesting implication on Redmond’s involvement in robotics, an area currently lead by some of its bigger competitors, but of course that’s just pure speculation. We will nevertheless be keeping an eye on this and update you once more information comes