More details emerge about Windows 8


In the midst of the recently leak of Windows 8 build 7955, more details have emerged regarding Windows 8 and its upcoming features. Currently, a few of these features are hidden in build 7955, but can be unlocked with a little finesse.

For example, Windows 8 will have a neat new feature that will allow you to drag and drop a file or folder onto any of the links in the address bar. This makes it very easy to transfer files between folders.

The wallpaper shown on the lockscreen can also be adjusted to match your desktop background. With a little trick, you can make your lockscreen look pretty!

Another cool feature is the ability to have your settings roam with you. Tied with Windows Live, one can have their individual settings roam with them and be used on different Windows computers. This is a great way to sync your settings between different computers.

Another cool feature is the cloud sync service. A user will be able to have personalized settings, personalized experiences, automatic sign-in to websites and programs, and easy online password recovery. This is also another neat feature to make your life easier.

We also get to see a new look called Aero Lite, which will basically encompass Microsoft’s idea of having a simplified user interface (Metro UI)

In Windows 8, you can now specify settings for Windows component installation. You will now have the ability to set an alternative location for Windows installation files as well.

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