News Highlights – April 2011


This month has come to a close and has brought us a ton of Microsoft related news especially about the company’s upcoming operating system, Windows 8. Lets take a moment to reflect back at the 10 most popular news headlines that kept us on the edge of our seats for the month of April 2011.

Microsoft’s Xbox to have Streaming TV service?
Microsoft is reportedly in talks with major TV networks about having its Xbox Live service stream TV channels in the United States. This would be an interesting move on the company’s part as it would allow an Xbox 360 user to not only play games on their console but also stream TV channels though their Xbox.

Microsoft adds Kinect support for Netflix
Microsoft released an update for the Xbox 360 which brings Kinect support for the popular Netflix application. Users will be prompted to upgrade the next time they start up Netflix.

50% Of Apple’s Revenue Comes From The iPhone
Tag this one as interesting as a new report indicates that 50% of Apple’s revenue comes from its iPhone product. Not 5%, not 20%, but 50%. In just three months from December 2010 to March 2011, Apple has raked in a total of 24.6 billion dollars. 50% of that came from the iPhone.

Windows 8 M1 Build 7850 Leaked
Microsoft’s secretive project known as Windows 8 has been leaked to the internet today. Although this may be an older build, it still proves that Microsoft’s secret is not a secret anymore.

Windows 8 Pre-M3 Build 7955 Leaked
Yet another leak in the Windows 8 arena. This time, we get to see a Milestone 2 Build 7955 of Windows 8. Compared to the recent leak of 7850 which showcased very little new features, this new build, 7955, has many of the new features we have been seeing in leaked screenshots.

What we know so far about Windows 8
Microsoft has remained tight lipped about its upcoming flagship operating system, Windows 8. We have seen numerous leaked screenshots and details that slowly reveal Microsoft’s hard work on Windows 8. Let’s take a look at what we know so far about Microsoft’s next operating system.

Android Is Destroying Everyone, Especially RIM and Apple
Google’s Android operating system is dominating in the market share as a new report indicated that Android is destroying everyone, including RIM and Apple’s iPhone.

Four notable features from Windows 8 Build 7850
As we are well aware of, Windows 8 Milestone 1 Build 7850 leaked not to long ago. This may have been an old build that does not showcase any of the new features seen in recent leaked screenshots, but it did showcase four noteworthy items that should not be overlooked!

Windows 8 Build 7955: Updated Ribbon, Refined Task Manager
Build 7955 of Windows 8 looks promising as it showcases many of the features shown in leaked screenshots. Of the features in this leaked build, it seems that both the Ribbon UI and the task manager have improved for the better.

Windows 7 overtakes Windows XP in the US
For years, we’ve been waiting for an OS to dethrone Windows XP as the most widely used desktop OS. Now, in April, Windows 7 has finally taken over the top position from Windows XP in the US.