Microsoft fixes Patch Tuesday Office flaws


Microsoft has released an update to their last set of patches issued on April 12 fixing a problem in the Outlook email client. The patch is available as a public hotfix for users to download and install.

As reported by Computerworld, the faulty update resulted in multiple bugs related to no longer being able to print or to send or receive mail. Microsoft pulled the original patch and it will be re-released shortly as noted on the Office Updates blog.

The hotfix for the patch is available here.

Microsoft also corrected another patch for PowerPoint 2003 that was corrupting some presentation documents. The fixes were released last Saturday however Microsoft will deliver the patch to all users in the June Patch Tuesday update.

As always, patches should always be tested before being deployed in an office or corporate environment to prevent any downtime for users. System Restore points will also allow for quick recovery in case of a faulty patch. Microsoft has been known to reissue patches in the past and this should come as a fair warning to any users deploying patches without proper controls in place.