Minecraft Xbox One Edition coming to stores on November 18th for $19.99

Staff Writer

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be available in stores for $19.99 USD on November 18th. Microsoft has already released the game on their online Xbox One store earlier this month, but this release will be welcomed by all of their customers without easy and fast access to the internet.

If you already have the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft, there is a digital-only upgrade to the Xbox One edition (digital version) for $4.99 (click here). This deal doesn’t exist for a hard copy of the game, but with the difficulty in setting that up, it is easy to forgive Microsoft for overlooking the few customers this affects. 

Also, if you have the 360 edition you will be able to transfer all of your creations, and most of your downloadable content. But why buy even the game at all? The Xbox One Edition enables you to play in worlds up to 36 times as large, has faster draw times, and native 1080p at 60 frames/second, have up to four players in split screen, or 8-players in multi-player through Xbox Live, and has a huge range of downloadable content.