Get an Xbox One Headset for $49, offer valid until the 2nd of October

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Xbox One Headset

An Xbox One starts at about $400, but that is only the start of an investment. Costs pile on from there, including Xbox Live, games, and accessories. Today, we can help you with an opportunity to save $30 on the headset. 

Microsoft’s ‘Xbox One Stereo Headset’ is normally $79.99, but for two days you can get it for $49.99 on Groupon. This is a relatively good deal if you are looking for a decent headset, which normally go for $100+ if you’re looking for higher quality from third parties. 

You are encouraged to shop around, here are the Xbox One headsets from BestBuy. But do keep in mind the timer on Groupon if you are considering jumping on this deal (click here).

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