Here’s a sneak peek at ‘View,’ a new upcoming Behance client for Windows Phone

Staff Writer

View, a Behance Client for Windows Phone is a site, owned by Adobe, that lets you view creative portfolios as well as promote your own. If you enjoy design, photography, or really any of Adobe’s creative apps, it’s a good platform to consider getting attention to your work.

They have well-received official clients for Android and iOS, but nothing for Windows Phone. However, there is one third-party app available for Windows Phone already (link below). It has 4+ stars with 39 reviews, and costs $0.99. However, there is soon going to be another third-party client for Behance for you to choose from. It is simply called ‘View,’ and you can check out a quick walk-through below to see where it is now.

It looks simple and fluid enough, but I wish it had a grid view where you could scroll quickly through projects and explore different interests. But, it’s just a preview, so hopefully there will be improvements incoming. Third-party clients usually thrive with competition, as each tries to bring a unique and better experience to users, so this app is good news for all Windows Phone and Behance users.