Microsoft’s Windows Copilot rolling out worldwide, except in Europe; Here’s why

Priya Walia

Windows Copilot, powered by ChatGPT and Microsoft’s LLMs (Large Language Models), made its debut on September 26, ushering in a new era of personalized chat assistance. However, despite generating significant buzz and excitement, this revolutionary feature is yet to be accessible globally.

As of now, Windows Copilot is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and select countries in Asia and South America. Its limited reach is primarily due to Europe’s stringent privacy protection laws, which have temporarily placed the expansion of Copilot into the region on hold.

If you happen to be located in Europe, it is advised to anticipate potential delays in accessing Windows Copilot. However,  Windows Latest reports that Microsoft is actively addressing regulatory challenges to expand Windows Copilot availability beyond these regions.

Windows Copilot has been praised for its ability to streamline chat conversations. However, controversy has arisen due to reports suggesting that Microsoft may have inadvertently introduced advertisements into the service.

These reports have raised concerns among users who fear a cluttered chat experience and the intrusion of intrusive marketing tactics. Consequently, Microsoft has come under scrutiny and faced criticism from users and privacy advocates alike.

Although the timeline for worldwide availability is uncertain, Windows Copilot has already sparked global interest due to its commitment to delivering personalized assistance in chat conversations. Despite its temporary unavailability in Europe, Microsoft remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing innovation.