Chrome may soon use AI to organize cluttered tabs

Devesh Beri

Google’s upcoming “Organize Tabs” feature aims to automate the tab management process by automatically sorting open tabs into appropriate Tab Groups, as seen on X. This functionality is similar to what’s already available in Microsoft Edge, which uses artificial intelligence to group similar tabs together.

Google’s implementation of this feature, currently in beta testing in the Chrome Canary build, suggests a trend in which browsers continue to improve tab management.

However, as with any new feature or technology, there may be concerns about privacy and data usage when it comes to AI-driven tab organization. Some users might be uncomfortable with the idea of Google and AI having access to their browsing habits to organize tabs automatically.

Here is the summary of the Tweets:

  1. Automatic Creation of Tab Groups: Chrome’s “Organize Tabs” feature will soon include an option to automatically create and rename tab groups. This is visible in the Canary version of the browser.
  2. Edge’s Similar Option: Microsoft Edge and Chrome both have tab grouping options. Edge’s feature uses AI to create tab groups, while it’s unclear if Chrome’s “Organize Tabs” feature will also utilize AI.
  3. Improved Grouping Criteria in Edge: In a previous tweet, it was mentioned that Edge’s tab grouping feature had been improved in the latest Edge Canary build. The grouping criteria and group names have been enhanced for better organization.
  4. Speculation About Chrome’s Feature: There isn’t much detailed information available about Chrome’s “Organize Tabs” feature. As a result, there’s some speculation that it might provide a new menu to easily reorder tabs, move them to other windows, or group them.

In Summary, Google’s “Organize Tabs” feature helps manage a large number of tabs in Chrome. Still, it raises concerns about user privacy and the role of AI. Its availability in Chrome’s stable version depends on the development and testing process.

via BetaNews