Microsoft to offer first-party replacement parts and instructions for Xbox wireless controllers

Robert Collins

Xbox Wireless Controller Repair Custom

Microsoft is now selling first-party replacement parts for both the standard and Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controllers. These include button sets, top cases, circuit board assembly/motor sets and more. These items can be found on the Microsoft Store.

A service guide with step-by-step repair instructions is also being made available as a downloadable PDF. Or you can check out this video from Xbox Support. The support page also notes that,

These types of repairs require moderate technical skill, and are suited for enthusiasts, professionals, or those with prior experience in electronic disassembly. If this is your first attempt at performing a repair, use caution and follow our safety recommendations and step-by-step instructions.

Of course, users should not attempt to self-repair controllers that are still under warranty.

This effort on the part of Microsoft pertains to the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Part of this endeavor has been an about-face for Microsoft in regards to the “right to repair” movement—something which Microsoft lobbied against in the past.

Featured image via Techspot.