Microsoft 365 iOS app now supports PDF file merging

Priya Walia

Microsoft 365 App logo

Microsoft has unveiled a new premium feature in its Microsoft 365 iOS app, giving users the ability to merge multiple Portable Document Format (PDF) files into a single file.

However, this feature currently remains limited to iOS users who are Microsoft 365 Insiders running Version 2.76 (Build 23062603) or later.

Merging Process Explained

Merging files is easy with just two simple steps. First, go to the Choose Files page and select the files you want to merge. Then, click on Continue to proceed.

After arranging your files in the desired order, simply tap the Merge button located at the bottom of the screen to combine all the selected PDFs into one.

Once the merging process is complete, the merged PDF can be easily accessed and viewed within the Microsoft 365 app. You can retrieve these newly merged files at any time, as the app allows you to revert the merged PDFs to their original forms if desired.

Premium Feature Assures Quality, Saves Space, and Facilitates Sharing

It is noteworthy to mention that the ability to merge PDFs is only available for Microsoft 365 subscribers. iOS users using the free version of the app will not have this feature at their disposal.

The new feature allows users to save valuable space on their iOS devices without sacrificing the quality of their files. Furthermore, the process of sharing files will be made easier due to the ability to send multiple files as a single merged file. Hence it is not only practical but also convenient.

As a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you can also access the same features on your Android device using the Microsoft 365 app. The app has been updated with additional features, such as improved PDF capabilities within Teams and the Copilot AI. The merging feature will be rolled out to all users soon.

Via Neowin