Microsoft reveals three new companies who ditched Google Apps for Office 365


Microsoft vs Google

Microsoft recently put up a video as well as a blog post highlighting why using Google Apps is similar to taking a gamble. Microsoft touts Google Apps as a platform that compromises an organization’s security and privacy. Today, Microsoft reveals three new companies who have jumped on board the Office 365 bandwagon.

The new companies who have joined the Office 365 bandwagon are Sensia Hälsovård AB, SEPCOIII, and Arysta LifeScience. These three companies join other recently revealed companies such as Caltex Australia, FHI 360, and Santa Clara County who selected Office 365 for their needs after either using or testing Google Apps.

According to Microsoft, these companies choose Office 365 “for its enterprise-class capabilities, compliance, security and privacy features, all delivered in a cloud service with a 99.9 percent financially backed uptime guarantee from Microsoft.”

Apparently, these companies tested Google Apps and ended up making the switch to Office 365. Microsoft touts Google Apps as being difficult to use and lacking the capabilities that employees were accustomed to in Office. “With Office 365 we’re able to interact and engage with each other more, allowing us to efficiently and quickly respond to new opportunities. As a result, we’re a more agile, competitive organization,” Microsoft added.

Recently, Microsoft has put up two videos highlighting how Google Apps makes users unproductive. In fact, Google “lacks the proper protections most organizations require,” at least according to Microsoft.