Microsoft Surface Pro to debut in Hong Kong on May 17


Surface Pro

Recently, Microsoft announced that the Surface Pro would be available in countries such as Hong Kong before the end of May. Now, it appears that the Surface Pro will actually make its debut on May 17th.

According to a new report, the Surface Pro will be available for purchase in Hong Kong on May 17th. This detail was uncovered via an announcement on Microsoft’s official Hong Kong website. As part of the launch, there will be an event at the Windsor House. Microsoft is also offering a promotion where the first 150 customers to purchase a Surface Pro in Hong Kong will receive gifts such as a Touch Cover, Wedge Touch mouse, and Office 365 subscriptions.

As for pricing, the Surface Pro will run for HK $7,088 (US $913) for the 64GB model, and HK $7,888 (US $1016) for the 128GB model. The Surface Pro is already available on the mainland of China, while countries like Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand are set to receive the Surface Pro by the end of June.

As promised, Microsoft is releasing the Surface Pro to more markets around the globe. If you are wondering why your country has yet to receive the Surface Pro, Microsoft is making sure that there are plenty of devices in place for consumers to purchase.