Watch this! Bill Gates talks about Steve Jobs, ‘He and I grew up together’ (video)


 Bill Gates talks about Steve Jobs

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates spoke about his plans to help heal the world. On top of that, Gates spoke about his old friend and biggest rival Steve Jobs.

During the interview, Gates spoke about former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and became emotional when speaking about his last conversation with Jobs before he passed away in October of 2011. Gates described Jobs as very “forward-looking” and that both of them pretty much “grew up together.”

“We were within a year of the same age, and we were kind of naively optimistic and built big companies. And every fantasy we had about creating products and learning new things – we achieved all of it. And most of it as rivals. But we always retained a certain respect and communication, including even when he was sick,” Gates stated about Jobs.

In the interview, Gates also explores some of the inventions he plans on using to heal the world. Take a look at the interview with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes below.

Microsoft’s chairman and co-founder Bill Gates was recently looking for a donation of $1.5 billion dollars to wipe out polio by 2018. Gates wants to wipe out this infectious disease from the entire planet.