Microsoft reveals a roadmap on Visual Studio Code update for Java developers this year

Benjamin Akhigbe

Microsoft has revealed a roadmap for a Visual Studio update for Java developers which covers from July 2021 to December 2021. The firm supports Java in Visual Studio Code through an extension pack that has a collection of components recommended by Microsoft, featuring a debugger, a test runner, IntelliCode and many more functions. Microsoft regularly updates its integrated development environment to enhance support for the programming language. Now, it has revealed its development roadmap for the rest of the year.

The company will be focusing on improving Visual Studio Code for Java developers, with improvements to the inner-loop development process, which means the experience would be enhanced for the developer who has begun to write their code in complex workspaces up until the point they deploy it in production environments. The improvements also features increased performance and reliability.

Microsoft plans to add support for build tools like Gradle, and will also deepen the existing Maven feature set. There will be more Java versions supported with Spring framework in containers as well. The company is currently working on it’s cloud hosted dev environment  GitHub Codespaces to enable support for Java extensions.

Over on the software testing and debugging side, new Testing APIs will be added and supported enabling more testing metrics and coverage. Another feature under development in an exploratory phrase is the enabling of virtual threats via Project Loom.

In terms of security, the support for trusted and untrusted workspaces is under consideration. This feature enables developers to open Java projects in a sort of a “safe mode” where certain capabilities will be disabled.

Microsoft encouraged Java developers to provide feedback and log issues on the development of Visual Studio Code for Java development on GitHub.