Microsoft Teams phones to support ‘Raise hand’ meeting feature via a simple button press

Rabia Noureen

Skype Video Meetings

Last year, Microsoft Teams introduced a new “Raise your hand” option for meetings. Currently, the feature is supported on all Teams clients except desk phones and meeting room devices, and it allows participants to get the presenter’s and organizer’s attention quickly.

The company has recently revealed through the Microsoft 365 Admin center that it’s now planning to bring this functionality to Microsoft Teams phones. “Presenters and Organizers can now prevent public switched telephone network (PSTN) participants from unmuting. This change also allows PSTN participants to request to speak by raising their hand in a meeting via dial-pad command (press *5),” the company explained.

This new meeting feature can be handy for large companies that are still working in hybrid environments. It will help make meetings more inclusive by encouraging participation from PSTN participants by offering a seamless way to raise their questions without disrupting the meeting.

Microsoft noted that the “Raise your hand” experience will begin rolling out to all commercial and GCC customers in mid-July. However, as usual, this will be a gradual rollout, and the deployment of this update is expected to be complete in late July.