Microsoft puts ARM powered Surface Go 4 on hold, opts for Intel again

Kareem Anderson

Surfacego Windows10s Cropped

As bold as Microsoft may be with blurring the lines between its ARM-powered Surface Pro and Intel versions by offering them in the exact same chassis, the company appears less certain about its entry level Surface Go line up.

Instead of a rumored Surface Go 4 powered by an ARM processor dropping this Fall, new reports have surfaced that Microsoft is playing it safe this year and using an updated Intel processor to run its tiny tablet computer.

According to Zac Bowden over at Windows Central, sources familiar with project Tanta, the ARM powered version of Surface Go 4, Microsoft has since pivoted and is looking to load up the official release of its fourth Surface Go product with an Intel N200 chip.

Intel’s N200 chip replaces its i3 offering as the next processor to run on a Surface Go, and based on Bowden’s reporting its supposed to be a more efficient and powerful alternative.

The rest of the Go 4’s physical appearance should remain untouched, but Bowden does explain that it may host an internal layout that supports greater repairability as is the growing trend with Surface devices as of late.

With a targeted audience of students and businesses that may end up using the Surface Go as a kiosk, it makes sense why Microsoft may feel a bit gun-shy in launching an ARM-powered GO as it increases the learning curve for the device, if not outright nuking specific instances in which Intel supported apps are being used routinely.