Microsoft helps you ‘get to know’ Windows 8, offers a quick video tutorial



Microsoft has uploaded a short video tutorial showcasing Windows 8 for those who are new to the operating system. For those of you who have been using Windows 8 for a while, this video pretty much shows you what you already know.

Microsoft showcases several features in Windows 8 during the video, including the Start Screen and its ability to rearrange tiles. The video also shows you how to get around the operating system using the Charms bar as well as switching between apps. The video also highlights how one can share and search in Windows 8.

This video is actually not bad for those who very recently got their hands on Windows 8. This video shows a date of February 12th during the tutorial but it makes us wonder why Microsoft didn’t offer this video a lot sooner. Windows 8 is expected to receive an update very soon, called Windows 8.1, so perhaps Microsoft is gearing up for that launch with a few video tutorials. Microsoft is expected to offer a public preview for Windows 8.1 during the Build 2013 Developer Conference on June 26th.

You can check out the video below.