Windows Store: The best, top, and most popular Windows 8 apps for the week of May 19th


Windows Store

It’s May 19th and its time to look at the best, top, and most popular Windows 8 apps currently available in the Windows Store. We will also go over some stats for the Windows Store, as well as highlight an app for your downloading pleasure!

Currently in the Windows Store, the top five free apps in the United States based on popularity are:

  1. Xbox SmartGlass
  2. Skype
  3. Facebook Now
  4. Google Search
  5. Pac Pac Man

Let’s not forget the top five paid apps currently in the Windows Store:

  1. The Harvest
  2. Game Dev Tycoon
  3. Temple Run: Brave
  4. Bejeweled LIVE
  5. Angry Birds Star Wars

As of May 19th, there are 74,346 apps in the Windows Store, an increase of 3,422 apps in just one week. Compared to last week, not much has changed in the top-free category, except for the addition of game called “Pac Pac Man.” Funny thing is, we introduced this app as our ‘featured app of the week’ last week. Xbox SmartGlass and Skype continue to exchange the number one and number two spots, while Microsoft Solitaire Collection dropped out of the top-five for this week. In the top-paid category, we see a similar list compared to last week. The Harvest has taken the number one spot from Game Dev Tycoon, while Temple Run: Brave makes its appearance on the top-five paid list.

Every week, we will feature one app or game that we will rank as the “top” Windows Store app for the week. It doesn’t mean that this app is better than every other app out there, it just means that this app should get your attention this week. The following week, we will showcase another great app, and so on. So here we go:


This week’s featured app is BubbleBreaker. This highly addictive and classic game has been available for Windows 8 and Windows RT for a while now and has earned 7035 ratings so far, with an average of four out of five stars! “Press the color of your choice and the same colored bubbles that adjoins explode. The more you blow up bubbles simultaneously, the more you earn points,” the app description reads. The game is pretty simple and should provide you some entertainment when you are sitting somewhere waiting for long periods of time looking to make the time pass by.

Hit the download link below to snag the app and stay tuned for next week’s Windows Store highlight.