Surface RT facing new speaker volume issue after recent UEFI firmware update



Microsoft recently released a UEFI firmware update that enhances the Surface RT speaker volume and improves system stability, as part of May 2013 Patch Tuesday. Unfortunately, this update is giving several Surface RT owners a new headache.

“Since installing the May firmware update for my Surface RT, the audio is indeed louder, but it introduced a new problem. The audio now cuts in and out sporadically,” one Surface RT owner stated on the official Microsoft support forum. “Since the last patch day the sound changes its volume itself during playback. First it is loud for a few seconds, then it gets quiet for another few seconds, then loud again,” another Surface RT owner stated.

It appears that the recent firmware update that was supposed to ‘enhance’ the speaker volume only created an issue with the volume dropping when watching a video or listening to an audio file. This issue exists on any application when you have the volume at a high level, but doesn’t exist when using headphones.

Microsoft has yet to offer an official statement about this issue, nor have they provided any solution. We will update you when this changes. Have you encountered a similar problem with the recent firmware update on your Surface RT?