Microsoft Edge Canary introduces drag-and-drop support for split screen feature

Priya Walia

The recent update to Microsoft Edge Canary has brought an exciting and intuitive new feature to the forefront. The highlight of this update is the introduction of drag-and-drop support for the Edge Split Screen feature.

If you’ve ever used the Snap feature to organize your app windows on your screen, the new Split Screen feature in Microsoft Edge is set to feel familiar and welcome. Unlike the previous version, which required complex and lengthy keyboard shortcuts to activate Split Screen, the latest method is a simpler and quicker way to enable this feature.

It’s worth noting that the updated Split Screen feature is not enabled by default, and users will need to follow a tutorial to activate it.

The improved Split Screen feature currently works when you drag a tab to the right, creating a horizontal view with two pages side by side. This allows users to easily compare information or work on two different tabs simultaneously.

While the implementation is currently limited to the right side, Microsoft is expected to expand its capabilities and make it more versatile in future updates.

To experience the enhanced Split Screen feature, users can install Microsoft Edge Canary version 120.0.2159.0 or any newer release, with the latest available version being 120.0.2160.0.

Staying up to date with the latest updates ensures users can fully enjoy all the benefits and features that Microsoft Edge has to offer.