Google Chrome unveils new feature: See how much RAM a tab eats on Windows 11

Priya Walia

windows 11 desktop

In response to growing concerns over its resource-intensive nature, especially on Windows 11 systems, Google Chrome has introduced a promising solution. The tech giant has announced the launch of a new feature in the beta version of Google Chrome Canary, which enables users to monitor tab memory usage more conveniently.

The feature aims to streamline the process of tracking memory usage, thereby empowering users to manage their system resources more effectively, Windows Latest reported.

Traditionally, users seeking to monitor the memory usage of tabs and extensions had to navigate to the Google Chrome Task Manager. However, Google is taking a significant step forward by simplifying the process. With the latest testing phase in Chrome Canary, a simple hover of the mouse cursor over an open tab reveals the real-time memory consumption of that tab.

The user-friendly feature is expected to aid in quickly identifying tabs that may be devouring excessive system resources, allowing users to take action and manually close those resource-hungry tabs. However, Windows Latest reports that the new addition does not offer the same level of detailed insights as the built-in task manager. While it provides a quick overview of tab performance, it does not delve into the intricate details of running processes, tabs, and extensions.

To activate this feature, users can navigate to “Chrome://flags,” select “Memory usage on hover,” and restart the browser if the feature is not immediately visible.

In conclusion, as the beta feature is further refined and potentially integrated into stable versions, Windows 11 users can expect a more streamlined and efficient browsing experience soon. Let us know your views on this in the comments section below. Google Chrome unveils new Feature: See how much RAM a tab eats on Windows 11.