Minecraft Live 2023 recap: Star Wars, Lego content, mob vote winner and more

Posted by:Robert Collins

In case you weren’t able to catch Sunday’s Minecraft Live 2023 livestream, we’ve got a recap for you (not to mention the full video above). Without further ado let’s get into everything shown at this year’s event.

Minecraft update 1.21 features

The next Minecraft update, tentatively referred to as update 1.21, is coming sometime around the midway point of next year. One new addition coming is the Trial Chamber—a procedurally generated feature that will offer a different challenge each time a player enters it.

Additionally, the next update will add new blocks, new items and a new mob: the Breeze. Unsurprisingly, the Breeze mob uses the power of wind to attack.

Minecraft Legends update

A horde of llamas in front of a Nether portal with piglins coming out of it

The action-strategy Minecraft spinoff gets its second major update soon. What’s new? The Fearless Frog mount—an amphibious steed that can swim faster and jump higher than any other mount in the game.

Also, a new ally: witches. On the enemy side, the Piglins now have the Clanger Piglin and the Air Chopper.

Star Wars DLC and the LEGO Minecraft Block & Brick Challenge

Announced by none other than R2D2, the new Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC for Minecraft will release on November 7.

The LEGO Block & Brick Challenge with Minecraft Creator @hannahxxrose, and LEGO Master Model Builder Tristan Cain

Check out the video to see what Minecraft Creator @hannahxxrose and LEGO Master Model Builder Tristan Cain created to kick off this event, which you too can now take part in. And if you happen to be at the LEGO® Store Fifth Avenue between October 16-31, you can check out the 4-foot LEGO structure in person.

Planet Earth DLC and the mob vote winner

BBC Studios and Minecraft are partnering once again ahead of Planet Earth III, releasing in 2024. The DLC will arrive soon after and allow players to explore some of planet Earth’s most extreme biomes.

The winner of the 2023 mob vote is: the armadillo!

And lastly, the winner of the mob vote was announced and the Armadillo mob will become Minecraft’s newest addition. You can find this new mob in the savannah biome.

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