Microsoft Airband Initiative brings broadband access to new communities in Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft and Network Business Systems, announced today an agreement which will see broadband access come to new communities in Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota. This is part of Microsoft’s Airband Initiative, which is aiming to bring broadband to 2 million rural Americans by July 4, 2022.

Thanks to the expanded initiative, it is expected for 126,700 underserved people in Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota to receive broadband access. Network Business Systems, a wireless provider based in Illinois, will build and deploy different types of technologies as part of the agreement. This includes the use of TV White spaces, which are the unused parts of the broadcast spectrum. As explained by Shelley McKinley, Microsoft’s head of Technology and Corporate Responsibility:

“Everyone deserves to have access to broadband — no matter where they live — because access to broadband is access to digital opportunity… Our partnership with Network Business Systems will help ensure that hundreds of thousands of people in Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota can participate in the 21st century economy.”

Over the past few months, Microsoft’s Airband Initiative has expanded to many other states. We’ve recently seen Microsoft partner up with companies in Ohio, New York, West Virginia, and three other states to help bring broadband to more people. You can learn more about the initiative by checking here.