Xbox One console exclusive Halo 5 isn’t coming to PC, Microsoft says

Laurent Giret

Halo 5, Monitor's Bounty

Halo fans had some reasons to be excited last week a recent packaging change for the Halo 5 game box suggested that the game may not remain an Xbox exclusive for ever. Indeed, the updated box now comes with a new “Xbox One console exclusive” banner, which replaced the previous “Only on Xbox One” wording.

Unfortunately, Microsoft reiterated this week that a PC port still isn’t in the works. “As we’ve shared previously, we do not have plans to launch Halo 5: Guardians on Windows 10 PC,” a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET on Monday. This is really unfortunate considering that Halo 5 developer 343 Industries previously released Halo 5: Forge, a free level editor for the Xbox One game on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store. Still, there’s still hope to see old Halo games coming to Windows 10 at some point, and Xbox head Phil Spencer himself emphasized Microsoft’s interest in pleasing PC gamers.

For now, though, the only Halo game officially coming to Windows 10 (in addition to Xbox One) is the upcoming Halo: Infinite, which still has no release date. 343 Industries has been developing a new engine called “Slipspace” for the new game, and we can’t wait to see how it will look on high-end gaming PCs.