Lobe, a startup aiming to make deep learning more accessible is joining Microsoft today

Laurent Giret

Lobe, a San Francisco-based company developing a visual tool for creating custom deep learning models is the latest AI startup to join Microsoft, the company announced today. “Lobe’s simple visual interface empowers anyone to develop and apply deep learning and AI models quickly, without writing code.,” explained Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott today. 

On its website, Lobe says that it plans to continue to develop its visual tool as a standalone service and leverage Microsoft’s resources to accelerate its development. The team is also staying in San Francisco and has already joined Microsoft’s newly renovated office in the city.

Microsoft invested in several AI-focused startups in recent months including Semantic Machines and Bonsai, two companies that are also based in California. “We’re thrilled to have Lobe join Microsoft and are excited about our future together to simplify AI development for everyone,” said Scott.