Xamarin Studio Community is now live and available for download

Kellogg Brengel

At the second day of Build 2016, Microsoft’s annual developer conference, the technology company announced their recently acquired developer platform Xamarin will now be included for free in Visual Studio as well as the free Visual Studio Community and Xamarin Studio Community.

And following the announcement Microsoft made Xamarin Studio Community immediately available for download. You can now download the free, full-feature integrated development environment for Mac users to create Android and iOS apps. The App is designed for students, OSS development, and small teams, and is available for download here.

Microsoft has certainly used Build 2016 as an opportunity to woo developers with news like Bash coming native to Windows 10, and now free access to the popular cross-platform development software Xamarin. With the second day of Build just underway, it will be interesting to see what else Microsoft has to announce to developers as they discuss Azure and Office. Stay tuned for more.