Build 2016: Microsoft announces Azure Functions event-based triggers

Arif Bacchus

Day one of Build 2016 was very exciting. Amongst other smaller stories, Microsoft announced a Windows 10 anniversary update, new machine intelligence, and new Xbox developer opportunities. That now done, we’re once again live at the event for Day two, and once again feeding you the latest news live.

At Day two of the event, Microsoft has announced Azure Functions event-based triggers. The event driven, compute-on-demand experience allows you to listen and react to events across your stack.  Some of the features can be seen below:

  • Easily Schedule event driven tasks across devices
  • Expose Functions as HTTP API endpoints
  • Scalr Functions based on customer demand
  • Develop how you want using a browser based UI or exsiting tolls
  • Get constiious deployment, remote debugging, and authentication out of the box.

More details are available here.

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