BMW Connected Open Mobility Cloud built on Azure

Kareem Anderson

Day two of Microsoft’s Build 2016 Conference has the company starting a different conversation than it did yesterday, but maintaining the overall theme of open development. During executive vice president of Cloud Enterprise for Microsoft, Scott Guthrie ran through his presentation by inviting several partners the Azure business has collected over the past few years.

Among the highlighted partners was a little car company focusing on luxury and experiences by the name of BMW. On stage, BMW showcased how Microsoft’s Azure has become the foundation for the car company’s Open Mobility Cloud.

BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud is a service that is designed to extend a car buyers experience beyond the vehicle. Using Azure and an array of IoT sensors, BMW looks to help drivers utilize a higher level of device integration with their vehicles and sensors in and around their homes or the world around.

BMW Open Mobility Cloud

In short demo, Build attendees were presented with a video that ran through various scenarios that exemplified the experience with examples such as in-dash Bluetooth road alerts, office schedule related mapping suggestions, and car maintenance alerts.

As Microsoft continues to build Azure to suit a broad range of customers needs, the company should see its list of partners continue to grow.