Halo TV Show is most-watched series premiere for Paramount+ within 24 hours

Kevin Okemwa

The Halo TV series premiered last week on Paramount+, this is after 343 industries built up a lot of anticipation for the new season with trailers and snippets indicating that fans will finally get to see the man behind the armor suit. Not forgetting that Paramount+ had already confirmed that the series would be getting a second season even before the first season premiered with David Wiener running point.

According to the folks at Comicbook, the sci-fi show has set a new record for Paramount+ as the “most-watched series” premiere for them within 24 hours. Previously, the position had been held by the Yellowstone spin-off,1883.  However, the viewership numbers have not yet been disclosed.

We will have to wait for the story to unfold and see how well the fans will take in the production team’s decision to unmask the Masterchief and the newly introduced characters.