Check out Killed by Microsoft, a website that lists all of the dead Microsoft products

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Logo

If you’re a Microsoft fan, then you know that life can sometimes be rough. Unlike Apple, Google, and other tech companies, Microsoft is known to suddenly kill off its products. Well, though you might want to forget them, a new website now lists all of Microsoft’s dead products, from yesteryear to modern-day.

Appropriately named “Killed by Microsoft,” this website has four different categories for all dead Microsoft products, apps, services, and hardware. It has a full list in chronological order. from most recent to most old. You even get a search bar, if you’re in search of something specific. Some recent hits in the list include Microsoft Silverlight, Minecraft Earth, the legacy Microsoft Edge, Mixer, Wunderlist, and Remix 3D.

Of course, Windows Phone, Zune, and Microsoft Band are on there, too. The first entries, however, go way back, to Microsoft Bob, Windows Messenger, Office Assitant, and even Encarta.

Clicking on the entries takes to you to a respected Wikipedia page to learn more about the said dead product. Check it out now, and let us know if you have any memories of these dead Microsoft products by dropping us a comment below.