Google Assistant teams up with Bard AI: Unveils exciting features

Priya Walia

Bard Hero Image

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Google Assistant, the AI software powering Google Home devices and Android devices, is set to incorporate Bard, Google’s AI chat service, into its responses soon.

In an October 4th social media post, the development team announced this upcoming integration, highlighting Bard’s capabilities that surpass those of Google Assistant.

How would it work?

During a presentation at the Made by Google event, the company shed light on the forthcoming upgrade and exactly how the feature works. Notably, With the user’s permission, Bard Assistant will access their emails, allowing them to sort and report on the contents of the user’s account, ZDnet reported.

Furthermore, planning vacations, creating documents using Google Docs, and composing SMS text messages will be within Bard Assistant’s capabilities. The AI assistant can even accept image inputs, enabling users to upload pictures and request an accompanying caption from Google Bard Assistant.

Bard, a browser-based AI chat program developed by Google, aims to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT. While Google Assistant has been limited to answering simple questions, Bard brings a new level of sophistication.

While Google Assistant primarily handles simple questions, Bard can perform various advanced tasks. It can generate cover letters, write code, compose essays, answer complex history or math queries, and more. The expansion will provide Google Assistant users with a vast array of new functionalities and capabilities.

The exact release date was not mentioned, however, the search giant confirmed that the integration is currently being tested and will be available to Android and iOS users. The company’s commitment to AI advancements can be observed through its continuous efforts to compete with OpenAI and Microsoft.

Google initially launched Bard on May 10th in select countries and subsequently expanded access to European Union member states on July 14th, despite potential regulatory challenges.

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