Bing Webmaster Tools new colors make it look more like a Bing product

Devesh Beri

Bing celebrity mode

It’s interesting to hear about the change in colors for Microsoft Bing’s Webmaster Tools interface. The transition from light blue to a darker blue aligns with Bing’s branding strategy and aims to give the tool a more modern and sleek appearance.

Bing Webmaster Tools is a service offered by Microsoft that helps you manage and monitor your website’s performance and visibility in Bing search results through various tools and reports.

It’s not uncommon for tech companies to update the colors and design of their interfaces to stay consistent with their branding or to provide a fresh look to users. In this case, it appears that the change is relatively subtle but notable, as mentioned by Fabrice Canel from the Bing team.

As for Fabrice’s question about being “ready for the era of AI in SEO,” it suggests that Bing may be incorporating more AI-driven features or capabilities into its Webmaster Tools to assist webmasters and SEO professionals in optimizing their websites. AI can play a significant role in analyzing and understanding website performance data, suggesting improvements, and predicting trends, which can be valuable in the field of SEO.

via SERoundTable