Get your squad together for new gameplay with State Of Decay 2 Daybreak DLC

Kareem Anderson

The highly anticipated State of Decay 2 DLC is available today, September 12, 2018, for its stable of “3 million and growing” players to download.

Simply titled Daybreak, the new DLC brings a new re-playable co-op gameplay that forces players to do a bit more strategizing than previously done in a SoD game. Similar to previous horde-like missions on other famous platforms such as Call of DutyBattlefieldfield, the developers describe the experience as a Zombie-siege that will have players fight off waves of zombies at increasing difficulty.

Players and up to three teammates will take up the role of highly-skilled Red Talon soldiers with access to new high-end weaponry tasked with defending a fortified position where a technician tries to repair a critical satellite relay. In order to make it to Daybreak players will have to fight off waves of zombies that get more numerous and difficult to defeat, including extra dangerous freak zombies which can wreak havoc on the base.

In addition to a new game mode, a new zombie has been tossed into the mix to create new ways of playing the game from day to day as a survivor. The new Blood Plague Juggernaut is pretty much title described; “which not only can take out the whole base but infects attacked players with Blood Plague, creating an extra layer of peril as players try to survive until the morning.”

Fortunately, the developers are arming gamers with new hardware to tackle the Blood Plague Juggernaut such as “nine new ranged weapons, six new melee weapons, and six new deployable explosives.” Players can unlock these weapons outside of the DLC gameplay and access them in the base game. Other additions include new accessories, base upgrades, and the chance to recruit those highly trained Red Talon soldiers to a community.

Aside from attempting to keep the gameplay fresh, repeatability is another item SoD2 developers are trying to tackle as they add new achievement sets worth a total of 250 Gamerscore for players.

Visit the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 or the Xbox One to pick up the Daybreak DLC for $9.99 (USD) as a player of the Standard Edition or for those with the Ultimate Edition, grab the DLC for free during your next session.