Azure prepares for Hurricane Florence at east coast datacenters

Kip Kniskern

Microsoft, along with much of the US east coast, is preparing for the landfall of Hurricane Florence, expected to be one of the most powerful weather events to ever hit the United States. Microsoft just last week was hit with significant downtime due to a lightning strike on its South Central US data center, and weather can belay the best data safety and recovery plans. The company is preparing as best it can for this significant hurricane:

Our onsite teams are prepared to switch to generators if utility power is unavailable or unreliable. All our emergency operating procedures have been reviewed by our team members across the datacenters, and we are ensuring that our personnel have all necessary supplies throughout the event.

The post goes on to suggest that customers also get prepared, and offers a number of best practices for disaster recovery. We wish all the best to our readers on the US east coast, and remind them to stay safe and be prepared.