Ex-Nokia developers unveil ‘Jolla’, aim to prove Nokia wrong about ditching MeeGo for Windows Phone



For those who recall, Nokia switched to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform back in 2011 and had shut down its MeeGo software team as a result. Now, that team is back from the dead with a new smartphone called “Jolla.”

Jolla was founded by Nokia’s former MeeGo software developers and their primary goal is to prove to Nokia that they were wrong by dropping the MeeGo technology in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Powered by 70 employees and 11 million Euros, Jolla wants to make an impact in the mobile market space.

According to the company, the ability for Jolla to download and run Android apps makes it different from all the other operating systems out there. Jolla also added that the dominance of Android and Apple isn’t going to be “permanent” and will change as the market changes.

The new Jolla smartphone features a 4.5 inch display, 8mp camera, 4G capable, and is priced at 399 Euros or $510. The Jolla smartphone runs on the MeeGo based Sailfish operating system. Take a look at the video below showcasing Jolla.