Microsoft files for patent that lets you control your smartphone’s camera using your voice


Microsoft patent

Microsoft has apparently filed for a patent that allows you to control your smartphone’s camera by using your voice. For example, one can state a command such as “Camera, take photo” and the technology would take the picture!

As you can see from the image above, the small circle above the Windows button is the microphone, which would be utilized by the smartphone owner. However, this technology can be improved even further.

“A user could also be given options (e.g., via a settings menu) to perform training to improve accuracy (e.g., by recording the user’s voice speaking a default command) and/or to record a different command that can be used to replace a default command. Training can also take place automatically (e.g., by storing previously recognized commands) without user action,” Patent Bolt notes.

Microsoft fined this patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office back in 2011, hence the old Windows logo in the picture above. This patent was only revealed recently. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft actually follows through with this idea. Would you find it useful?