Port your app to Windows 8 and win a trip to Build 2013 or a free Surface Pro


Build 2013

In partnership with Stack Overflow, a contest has been taking place offering winners a chance to visit the sold-out Build 2013 developer conference, or win a Surface Pro or even an Office 365 subscription. The deadline ends June 7th so you still have time to participate!

“Develop the Windows 8 version of your existing app for your chance at the Grand Prize: a trip to Microsoft’s sold-out Build Conference in San Francisco, June 26-28! Runners up will win a Surface Pro, or a one-year subscription for Microsoft Office 365,” the contest states.

This developer contest is part of the Stack Overflow community site and requires you to create a Windows 8 app from your exisiting app on Android or iOS. You will need to create a video demo that is 2 to 3 minutes in length and showcase how the app is better on Windows 8. Your new Windows 8 app must be in the Windows Store by June 7th. “Once you submit your app, the community can join in to provide additional guidance and suggestions that you might incorporate into your submission right up until the June 7th deadline,” the contest states.

However, if you are not interested in developing an app, you can provide feedback on other apps, answer or ask Windows 8 related questions on Stack Overflow, and participate in a Windows 8 Developer Chat. The grand prize for this is a Surface Pro, while you can also win a 1yr subscription to Office 365 or a t-shirt.

Hit the source link to learn more about the contest!