EA releases gameplay trailer for Battlefield 1, streams live game

Michael Cottuli

Battlefield 1’s trailer was pretty insane, but gamers are never happy until they get a good look at gameplay. Thankfully, EA has released a gameplay trailer that gives you a good look at all of the visceral action that takes place during the course of Battlefield 1. It’s about what you would expect from the initial trailer – Battlefield is trading urban landscapes and fast cars for horses, tanks, hatches, trains, zeppelins, and anything else you would expect out of a stellar World War 1 game.

If that’s not enough gameplay for you, EA took the liberty of hosting the world’s first live game of Battlefield 1 multiplayer streamed to the public. You can watch that live on Battlefield’s YouTube channel if you’re reading this just as it goes up, but it’ll be up as a video afterwards.