EA Originals offers indie developers new opportunities

Michael Cottuli

The world is tough for indie game developers. Although it’s gotten better as the world realizes just how strong an experience an independent developer can create, things are still incredibly difficult. EA is hoping to try and improve that situation with EA Originals, their program that’s meant to empower indie developers so that they can make the experiences they want for the audience that wants it.

Not much is known yet about EA Originals, or how they’re going to work precisely. All that was made clear in the E3 conference is that the team behind EA Originals fully intends for all of the profits to go to the developers who made the game – a huge relief to developers who have been frequently taken advantage of by malicious publishers.

Bookending the announcement was the trailer for Fe, a gorgeous, stylized game that seems like it’s going to be bringing a fairly enchanting experience to the folks who are willing to explore its world.

It’s good to hear that EA is supporting indie developers along with the mega studios, as gaming gets bigger and bigger.