Discord has expanded its server subscriptions, allowing creators to earn money

Kevin Okemwa


Yesterday, Discord announced that it is expanding its server subscriptions. This means that creators will now be able to monetize their content directly from Discord, rather than having to use third-party apps like Patreon to provide access to premium content as well as perks.

Discord further added that these subscriptions can be tailored to meet the creators’ needs. In that, the creator is able to provide different perks and benefits to users depending on the subscription they are on. What’s more, creators have the freedom to set the price they want on every subscription. The subscription rates can range anywhere between $2.99 and $199.99.

However, there are a couple of set guidelines that you will have to meet in order to access this new feature:

  • The server owner must be based in the United States
  • Your server has a good standing with Discord, meaning no recent Terms of Service or Community Guideline violations
  • You must agree to our updated Monetization Terms and Server Subscriptions Policy

From the earnings that will be made off these subscriptions, the creators will get 90% while Discord will only get 10%. However, digging deeper into the monetization terms set by Discord, creators might have to wait a while before accessing the money as they will be paid 30 days after the end of the calendar month. The payout must also be $100 for you to make the withdrawal and a minimum balance of $25 for any subsequent payouts.

Besides the expansion of server subscriptions, Discord has also a Creator Portal that is in place to help creators make the most out of the platform and also help them learn how to earn money. The portal offers tons of resources like articles, quizzes, tips for Promo Pages, and more.

via: Discord