LinkedIn is rolling out a focused inbox, untainted by spam and scams

Kevin Okemwa


At one point, we have all used LinkedIn to source for job opportunities, and for the longest time, it has been a”safe haven” that’s not rife with spam messages and scams, unlike other social media platforms. However, over time this has since changed, the platform at the moment has approximately 875 million members, which in turn has attracted the wrong kind of crowd to the platform that has continued to spam users with fake news and redundant messages.

This trend continues to reoccur, but LinkedIn has found a way to mitigate this issue with a feature that has been in the testing phase. Now, the Microsoft owned company says it will be making changes to its direct messaging services and is now rolling out a ‘focused’ option that will separate important messages from spam messages that will now be found in the ‘other’ box. This will make it easier for users to sieve through the spam messages and get to the more important ones.

What’s more, LinkedIn will feature an automatic spam and harassment detection tool, which will help separate messages between the focused and other box, as well as a new feature to report unwanted messaging. However, if LinkedIn is unable to determine whether the message sent is spam or not, it will remain in your focused inbox but with a label. You will then be able to go through it to determine whether it is,you can then report it as an inappropriate message.

The focused inbox makes use of an AI algorithm that helps source for “the most relevant new opportunities and outreach”. However, the company did not provide additional details highlighting how the algorithm works.

Besides these new features, LinkedIn will be also incorporating live captioning on the video messaging feature with the aim of making it easier for users to follow through the entire engagement, and ultimately enhance the entire experience.

via: TechCrunch