Build your own custom travel itineraries with Bing Maps

Kareem Anderson

The term customization is often a dual edge affair with the idea of accurate and reliable functionality on one end standing opposite of tediousness and potential convolution on the other.

Fortunately, when Microsoft offers users the ability to customize their next travel engagement, they’re doing so, with its new relatively intuitive set of Bing Map.

Announced on its Bing Blogs, Microsoft introduced a new itinerary feature for its Bing Maps. Users are now encouraged to visit Bing Maps via the desktop to try and out itineraries and customize their next travel engagement by simply searching conversationally.

Once activated, users can engage with a handful of options to put together an in depth travel experience.

  • Add the attractions you want to visit
  • Remove or re-order attractions to optimize your day
  • Add or remove days to fit your schedule
  • Save your itinerary to My Places for future editing
  • Share your itinerary with friends and family
  • Take your itinerary on the go – view it on your mobile phone

Once an itinerary is compiled, it can be shared, via link, with other potential travel partners for convenience or record keeping.

The new feature is currently live, but, unfortunately only available in the US and UK for the time being. Per usual, Microsoft claims to be working hard to bring this type of convenience to other international areas.