Leaked video shows Disney’s Movie Anywhere service supporting Microsoft’s Movies & TV

Laurent Giret

A couple of months ago, Microsoft confirmed that it was in talks with Disney to join the company’s Movies Anywhere service. For those unfamiliar, Movies Anywhere is a free digital locker that can centralize all eligible movies purchases from iTunes, Google Play, and other participating services.

“Microsoft is committed to delivering rich entertainment experiences to our customers, and we’re in discussions with Movies Anywhere about bringing their service onboard.” a Microsoft spokesperson said earlier. Well, Microsoft leaker WalkingCat shared today what seems to be an official marketing video featuring the Microsoft Movies & TV logo, suggesting that an official announcement could be coming soon


Getting support for Movies Anywhere is a must to keep Microsoft’s Movies & TV service relevant, especially as consumers are now favoring susbcription-based services like Netflix over digital movie purchases. Movies Anywhere also has the advantage to be available on any platform, while Microsoft’s app is still exclusive to Windows 10 PCs, phones and Xbox consoles. A Movies & TV app for iOS and Android is reportedly in the works, but it could be quite some time before we see it arrive on the most popular mobile platforms.