Build 2019: Microsoft teases new Minecraft augmented reality game

Laurent Giret

Microsoft chose to conclude its Build 2019 introducing keynote on an interesting gaming note. If it looked possible at some point that we could get more information about Project xCloud, Microsoft’s upcoming game streaming service, the company showed a cool trailer for an upcoming Minecraft augmented reality game instead.

As noted by The Verge, the video features Minecraft creative director Saxs Persson, who leaves his smartphone by mistake on a bench where a woman was also sitting. The bench is actually right next to the Washington State Convention Center, the venue where Microsoft is holding its Build annual developer conference.

The woman then picks up Persson’s smartphone and discovers that she can see Minecraft characters through it. The short video ends with Persson coming back to get his precious smartphone back, right after we saw an invite for a May 17 official announcement on the smartphone’s screen

You can watch the video below:

According to Windows Central, this new Minecraft AR game is codenamed Genoa and is currently in development for iOS and Android. Microsoft is currently creating several new mobile games including Gears Pop! on iOS, as well as the new Forza Street game launching soon on iOS and Android after its Windows 10 debut. Minecraft remains one of the most popular and lucrative mobile games on the market, and it will be interesting to see if this new AR version could become another hit for the company.