Build 2019: Microsoft demoes upgraded Cortana experience allowing for dynamic conversations

Kareem Anderson

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During part of Satya Nadella’s keynote speech at BUILD 2019, the Microsoft CEO referenced the company’s vision for AI-powered conversations that better understands the user. In addition to rambling off a bunch of frameworks, technologies, and partners, the CEO paused for a 3 min video that walked through how a user can engage in a multi-prompt conversation with Cortana to continuously layout their day.

The video combines several aspects of the company’s approach to the future communications, with AI-powered services that leverages Microsoft’s acquisition of Semantic Machines, better natural language processing, additional bot frameworks, and full duplex capability.

For years, companies have promised lofty ambitions regarding the use of digital assistants, so hopefully developers can now use the tools laid out by Microsoft today to bring that future closer into view for the average user.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to just walk around already ordering your phone to cancel, reschedule or delete meetings, all day?