Bing Chat shows itself off during Monday Night Football

David Allen


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If you don’t follow technology or notice new changes in your mobile apps then you may not know that AI search is a thing these days.  Microsoft’s offering is called Bing Chat, and Google calls its offering Bard.  While AI-based search has become popular for those in the technology sector, such as those seeking help for programming tasks or recapping a meeting inside your organization with Microsoft Co-Piliot we haven’t seen AI-based search take off with the average consumer yet.

Microsoft chose to take a shot at showing off AI Search and perhaps get consumers’ attention during this week’s Monday Night Football game between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills.  Showing how Bing Chat can help you make your favorite game day dish, or sort out the best options for your Fantasy Football team certainly got some consumers to try it.  Check out the Tweet and ad below from Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officier, Yusuf Mehdi. Did you check out Bing Chat during the game?