Microsoft Teams Carnival: Discord-like app for Microsoft Teams being developed

Devesh Beri

A team of postgraduate students from University College London (UCL) has developed a new multiplayer gaming app for Microsoft Teams. The app, called Teams Carnival, uses Live Share SDK to create multiplayer gaming experiences within a Teams meeting. Do you think it is similar to Microsoft Teams Play Together, a Discord rival introduced by Microsoft in August?

Teams Carnival features a variety of games, including Snakes and Ladders, Trivia Race, Balloon Bomb, Pac-Man, Jenga, Might & Malice, T-Rex, and Space Shooter. The games vary in complexity, but they all use Live Share to synchronize the game experience for all meeting participants.

For example, in Space Shooter and Trivia Race, participants play their instances of the game and achieve a high score. The games share a synchronized scoreboard so all meeting participants can compete. In Might & Malice, Jenga, and Balloon Bomb, all meeting participants see the same thing at the same time.

The students say that Teams Carnival is a great way to add fun and engagement to Teams meetings. They also believe that the app has the potential to be used for educational purposes, such as teaching teamwork and problem-solving skills.

“We’re excited to share Teams Carnival with the world,” said Zewen Kong, one of the students who worked on the project.

Teams Carnival is available as an open-source project on GitHub. Anyone can download the code and build their version of the app.