Microsoft Announces New AI Bounty Program for Bing with Rewards up to $15,000

Priya Walia

The new Bing

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Microsoft recently unveiled a new AI bounty program focused on the AI-driven Bing experience. The program offers rewards of up to $15,000 for security researchers who uncover vulnerabilities within the designated services and products, announced the tech giant in a blog post yesterday.

Today at BlueHat we announced the new Microsoft AI bug bounty program with awards up to $15,000. This new bounty program features the AI-powered Bing experience as the first in-scope product.

The AI-powered Bing experience on, accessible via all major browsers, is the first in-scope product for the bug bounty program. Other eligible services include Bing Chat, Bing Chat for Enterprise, and Bing Image Creator. The program also covers AI-powered Bing integration in Microsoft Edge (Windows), the Microsoft Start Application (iOS and Android), and the Skype Mobile Application (iOS and Android).

The software giant hopes to attract security researchers from around the world to discover vulnerabilities within the innovative AI-powered Bing experience. Qualified submissions can receive bounty rewards ranging from $2,000 to USD 15,000. The company outlines different vulnerability types and corresponding bounty amounts based on severity, ranging from critical to low.

Aside from the mentioned vulnerability types, researchers are encouraged to report issues such as altering Bing’s chat behavior across user boundaries, changing the AI’s behavior in ways that affect all users, adjusting Bing’s chat behavior by modifying visible configurations on clients and servers, bypassing safeguards related to cross-conversation memory and history deletion, disclosing internal mechanisms, decision-making processes, and confidential information, and circumventing limitations and rules within Bing’s chat mode sessions.

However, Microsoft clarifies that certain issues fall outside the program’s scope. These include vulnerabilities that only affect the attacker, model hallucination attacks, inaccurate or offensive chat responses, and various other topics.

Overall, the Microsoft AI bounty program holds great potential for enhancing the security and performance of the AI-powered Bing experience. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.