Amazon Games cuts over 100 employees in latest round of layoffs

Robert Collins

Amazon Games is cutting over 100 employees as part of the most recently announced wave of layoffs. As CNBC reports, Amazon Games Vice President Christoph Hartmann announced the news in a company memo on April 4. Hartmann wrote in the memo,

There is never a pleasant way to share this sort of news, but we are committed to treating our impacted employees with empathy and respect, and will support them by offering them severance pay, health insurance benefits, outplacement services, and paid time to conduct their job search.”

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Affected by the Amazon Games layoffs will be Prime Gaming, the Game Growth team, and Amazon’s San Diego game studio. These cuts are part of the 9,000 Amazon layoffs announced in March. This in addition to the 18,000 layoffs announced in January brings the total to 27,000 thus far in 2023 as the retail giant continues to downsize and cut costs company-wide.

Amazon Games is the company’s video game publishing division. Founded in 2012, Amazon Games has yet to produce the AAA blockbuster hit the brand needs to really take on the industry big boys like Microsoft and Sony.